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The Make My Design Network is a network of manufacturing companies that make their expertise available to designers and planners by providing them with technical guidance on their project.

From wood to metal, from smoothing to CNC manufacturing processes, now you can rely on a group of companies that have been working for years in the field of furniture and design within the subcontracting sector.

Send us your project and you will receive some free feedback; then, if you are interested, we can continue working together in analysing the project idea and developing the product.

We are at your disposal to find the best solutions that will allow you to carry out and protect your design project.


    Concept Fill in all sections of the form and upload your design project. The file must be in PDF format; based on what you send us, we will provide you with some initial feedback, free of charge, on some of the main technical features of your project. Any information you provide will be treated with the utmost confidentiality: your project will not be divulged to companies or people not taking part in the Make My Design Network. In case you need a more in-depth analysis of a project or you want to commission its execution, feel free to contact us asking for a quote. Furthermore the productive consultation, you can request the vademecum of the main contents of the intellectual property protection developed by Studio GLP. If you want to discuss the main contract forms and understand how to protect your design projects, do not hesitate to contact us. For any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at We hope it will be the beginning of a fruitful colla
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    Visualisation Once you have researched and refined your idea, it will need to be visually presented. A designer will help you visualise your idea and explore various designs in order to find the right design or build a range of products.
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    Drafting Make My Design came into being through the collaboration of a group of companies that have been operating for decades within the Italian Chair District, a manufacturing organization based in the heartland of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. Seriousness, reliability, and competence: these are the characteristics that make our network special, with a wealth of know-how that allows us to analyse and carry out your design projects. Find out who we are and contact us for any queries related to our manufacturing capacity.
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    Pattern Making To produce products in volume at a fast rate and reasonable cost, a pattern needs to be created. Patterns depends on the product type. Costs for these will vary accordingly.
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    Materials We can work with any kind of materials .
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    Sample Making Even the simplest of ideas often need to be tested to make sure all components and design specifications are functional and harmonious in design. A sample is a prototype of your idea. Usually samples are made by hand by a master craftsman in order to create a perfect sample for future production. For this reason often samples are charged at a different rate to production. A spec is a blueprint of the design listing all materials used throughout the design in order to ensure consistency of future production.
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    Tooling GLP deals with Industrial Property since 1967 with offices in Udine, Milan, Perugia, Zurich and San Marino. The Studio specialises in the protection of inventive ideas by means of filing and obtaining patents both in Italy and abroad; a further field of activity is the protection of models, designs and trade marks, again both in Italy and abroad. The Studio regularly supplies technical and legal advice concerning the validity of patents (both invention and model patents) and that of third party trade marks. It also gives assistance with regard to problems of infringement and competition, to clients who are either plaintiffs or defendants, and also assists clients on matters of secrecy, and evaluates whether inventive ideas and trade marks can be protected. The Studio provides assistance to clients with legal actions, whether the client be plaintiff or defendant, both in Italy and abroad, with technical and legal advice and with regard to actions of infringement, unfair competi
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    Production “Production run” is often referred to producing more than a couple of products of the same design at the same time. Depending on the size and set up of the factories, their minimal production orders may vary from a few to hundreds of units made at the same time.
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